Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello and welcome: a new wildlife blog for the New Year from Newhaven, East Sussex

This is intended to be an occasional blog through which I hope to share some of the more interesting, noteworthy and significant records and events that I come across as an amateur naturalist and biological recorder.

Most of my posts will relate to Newhaven and the surrounding district, but I will also include anything interesting from further afield. I operate a moth trap at home and survey the surrounding Sussex Downs each year for insects, plants, birds and mammals. I also share a weekly transect walk at Castle Hill Local Nature Reserve on the cliffs above Newhaven's West Beach during which a record of butterflies and day-flying moths is made. 2013 will be the third year this has been walked. There will also be the occasional public event reported, such as at The Old Brickfield SNCI in Seaford on 10th August, as part of the national Moth Night event (more info: http://www.mothnight.info/www/).

I hope these posts prove to be interesting to readers.

With best wishes to all for 2013.


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