Saturday, 13 September 2014

Special delivery

I'm not much of a pan-species recorder, but I get a buzz when I add a new species to my so-called 'life-list', and especially so when it is a chance discovery - a bonus when you are least expecting it. My favourite is possibly a Bloxworth Snout which flew into my face in the car park at work a few winters ago, or maybe my first Woodcock, which I rescued in the snow on two consecutive days from some fruit cloches when I was twelve years old. I still have a feather it dropped when I picked it up.

On 3rd September this year I spotted a small Het bug on my letterbox on my arrival home from work. It turned out to be Coriomeris denticulatus (Denticulate Leatherbug), a common species - but a new entry in my list of recorded Heteroptera. The Het bug list is a modest 48 species, but it's growing.
Coriomeris denticulatus (Denticulate Leatherbug), found on the front door (TQ457021) #1a.jpg

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